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What We Believe:

We believe that hope is a free gift intended for everyone! And, as is true of any gift,
one can choose to accept it or deny it.

We believe that everyone; regardless of their skin color, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or any other label, should be treated equally and loved completely by the Church, just as God loves them.

We desire to experience the living God in worship and with one another. We believe
that Christ’s presence in our lives will lead us to act and care boldly — to speak truth to
power, to worship, praise, heal, forgive, pray, do the justice work, to weep, laugh, and
celebrate God’s hope. We want new hope to reach out to all kinds of people.

This means we will be committed to diversity because we desire to survey our
table and see an amazing spectrum of humanity sitting next to one another in
peace. We will demonstrate that all kinds of families are valued, and ALL lives
matter, with respect to Black and Brown lives. New Hope is an “open and
affirming” church and we celebrate God’s gifts and grace through LGBTQ+
people of faith.  We also commit to including all people regardless of ability or
disability. We pray that God will empower us to be in ministry with others who are
most vulnerable and facing life’s challenges. We believe our prayers and service
should extend to the community, as well as to the broader world — across the

We pray that New Hope UCC will be a church unlike many you will encounter. A
church with a true vision of new hope, love, and acceptance of all people,
everywhere in the name of Jesus Christ. A church that knows how to love, to
laugh, to cry, to serve, and to think. A church where all are welcome . . .

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